Traveller sim card

SIM Card Service Designated for Tourists

Mobicom Corporation, the first Mongolian cellular operator, has introduced newly the international call, message and data service packages designated for foreign tourists and business people visiting Mongolia.

The foreign tourists can select any of the following 3 types of service packages according to their specific needs:

Prices 20,000₮ 35'000₮ 60'000₮
Data included 600MB /15 days/ 1.1GB /30 days/ 5GB /30 days/
Units included 5000 units 10'000 units 15'000 units
Service term 90 days /in accordance with prepaid service terms/

/The rates are inclusive of VAT/

Thank you for choosing Mobicom Tourist SIM Card.

Before using your SIM Card, please read the following information:

  • Service term is 90 days and is in compliance with prepaid service terms.
  • The Tourist SIM Card is sold by all the branches and contracted distributors of Mobicom. Also, the Tourist SIM card can be refilled by all types of Mobicom phone cards;
  • After refilling your SIM card, you can dial *210# to check your account balance.


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