National Brands


National brands

GOYO Brand`s customers are people who appreciate true luxury, comfort and style. People who want to know where the products come from and who made them. People who care for others and care for nature. People who want to stay warm and carry on.

Cashmere is the centerpiece fabric of GOYO. It is a beautiful natural fiber, soft, warm and resilient. To survive the harsh winters on high plateaus of Mongolia, goats grow delicate fleece underneath their hair. Longer and colder the winter, the better and longer cashmere grows.

In design Goyo strives to combine the spirit of this luxurious fiber with the unexplored opportunities for cashmere to be at the cutting edge of fashion design and style. It aspires to redefine the traditional use of cashmere by creating exquisite fashionable seasonal collections.

Cashmere clothing brings comfort, delicacy, and sereneness to its owner. A goat produces barely a third of the cashmere needed to knit just one pullover and, thus, the rarity and preciousness of this fiber known also as “soft gold”.  

The word “GOYO” means an “object of beauty” in Mongolian and it is an item that you beautify yourself with. It is also a name of a resilient juicy tree that grows in the dry soil of Gobi. Because of its ability to survive the harsh climate of desert as well as its importance in the desert`s ecological regulation it is also known as the “Magical Plant”. Goyo strives to showcase the meaning of its brand`s name by producing luxurious fashionable designs and by being aware of the environmental sustainability during its production processes. 

Factory store: Ulaanbaatar department store, Sukhbaatar district, 5th khoroo,

                          Namnansuren street, Chingiltei district

                           Central mall, 2nd floor

                           State Department Store, 2nd floor

                           At the national library of Mongolia,

                           Chandmani Center

                           Hunnu mall, B1 floor 6A


Goo brand produces 35 types of organic cosmetic products on the market. The first Mongolian cosmetic franchise is not only blooming in Mongolia, but also opened up branches in Japan and China as well. The internationally accepted Mongolian medical cosmetic brand distinguishes itself from other modern day brands as it uses organic materials such as fat from a sheep tail, sea buckthorn, rock salt, thistles and thyme as a base. Also, the company does not mix chemicals to increase the product’s age and regularly introduces new products to consumers. 

The rare Mongolian Hircus goats are renowned for producing some of the highest quality cashmere fiber in the world. The unique Mongolian climate which seems dramatic fluctuations in temperature throughout the year, rising about 40°C in summer and dropping below-40°C in winter, results in the natural growth of the goats’ beautifully downy undercoat. The crimp of the cashmere fibers helps them to interlock during the manufacturing process and allows them to be spun into very fine, lightweight fabrics.

The traditional herders in Mongolia form one of the last remaining unspoiled nomadic cultures on the planet. They still make up the majority of the Mongolian population, and their way of life has scarcely changed in centuries. Harvesting cashmere from their goats has long been a way of life for Mongolian nomads. Each spring, as the temperatures rises above 0°C and the undercoat naturally begins to shed, herders with generations of experience skillfully and delicately comb out the extra-fine down by hand. GOBI Cashmere is committed to supporting local Mongolian herders through our vision for the environmentally conscious and sustainable production of the finest cashmere in the world.

From pasture to product line unaccompanied any intermediaries

GOBI has always been synonymous with quality and comfort. With the joint efforts of the Mongolian and Japanese governments, GOBI was established over thirty years ago, founding the legacy of fine craft and exquisite fabric. With our decades of expertise in textile manufacturing, we believe that the foundation of a truly luxury product outstanding craftsmanship, using natural fibers of the highest quality.

We are the only cashmere manufacturer in Mongolia that maintains the capability to bring fibres from their raw state, through every stage of the manufacturing process, to perfectly finished products without any intermediaries.

GOBI Cashmere pridefully sources the raw materials and produces high-end cashmere products right in the heartland of the most valuable rarest cashmere fiber.

+976 70048888

Gobi Factory Store, Industrial Street, 3rd khoroo, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar

1st khoroo, Mongolian National Amusement Park1, Chinggis Avenue #3, Sukhbaatar district

Everyday 9am-11pm

Branch 2: in front of Mongolian Central post office, Sukhbaatar district

Everyday 9am-9pm

Lhamour - a national, organic skincare brand, uses Mongolian rich natural resources and gives the skin the natural and true nourishment it deserves It produces every single product by hand and is 100% organic. Lhamour is committed to being creative, innovative, honest and transparent and try to make each product as unique and healti-as possible. Therefore, every bit of its product is adhering to international standards and is suitable for every person anywhere in the world.

It has launched Lhamour Spa & Wellness in 2016, which is located 13km southeast from Ulaanbaatar city in the beautiful valley of Bogd Khan Mountain. Lhamour SPA features three spacious treatment rooms, one Mongolian stone salt room for detoxify and one foot massage room, relaxing privacy coupled with stunning panoramic views. Its treatment menu provides a cohesive list of organic spa services, including body treatments, treatments, hot stone treatments, massage treatments.

Gumuda concept store has opened its door in Ulaanbaatar a year ago with the aim to collect all products of Mongolian designers at one spot. They sell from high fashion clothes to urban fashion clothes.

The theme of the store is "Proudly produced in Mongolia" and the products on sale in the store – clothes, jewellery and gadgets – reflect that.

UB has lots of stores and boutiques, which sell Mongolian traditional souvenirs, deel and jewelry that is traditional nomadic Mongolian. We on the other hand, keep Gumuda to be modern Mongolian, urban and edgy.

Currently, the store is working with 25 designers and that number is expected to rise day by day. Here you can buy clothes of Mongolian well-known designers while trying the newest brands. 

The clothes that you liked the most may not have perfect size for your body. However you can order your size and your order will be ready within a day or up to 10 days. Thus you do not need to wander around the city to find a designer.

The store opens at 11 am - 8 pm everyday.

Phone: +(976) 88151052

Address: Sukhbaatar district, Seoul street, Dior shop’s B1 floor



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