Mall and Grocery Store


Mall and Grocery Store

“Nomin Holding” has a 18 years experience in the trade and service sector, also has many year experience that is established the first self-service retail stores in the Mongolian market. It opened branches in Ulaanbaatar city, as well as rural areas in Mongolia where are Darkhan Uul, Orkhon, East South, Sukhbaatar and Khovd aimag.

Nomin works in the wholesale and retail trade and service sectors with 3 departments stores, 10 wholesales, 7 hypermarkets, 6 supermarkets. It keeps a quality and cheap price policy to reform its actions, cooperated with business partners to reduce the operation costs and provide the guarantee of cheap price through low price level for final customers.

Nomin’s main goal is provide a high quality and safety foods and customers products through highest satisfaction of service with cheap price and fast delivery service. In the trade sector, it has 1300 employees, constantly improves their skills and organizes the regular training in the workplace. Stores’ furniture and technologies are equipped with Italian GEBAM brand technology, technology of refrigerator rooms are equipped by Little Duck Company technology and serves in the healthy and safety environment. 

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Max Mall is a complex coming tradition with modern interior design reflecting the appearance of the city. There are selling woman, man, and children clothes from Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and South Korea. You can also find cosmetics, cashmere products, books, and souvenirs at the shopping center.

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Here you can find brands like Esprit, Seiko, Swatch, Samsonite, Delsey, Victorinox, Samsung, Phillips, Sony, Yves Saint Laurent, L’oreal, Davidoff, Kenzo, Timberland, Guess and more.

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The shopping center that tourists like to visit the most is Narantuul Center, or the “black market”. It’s a largest market in Mongolia but well organized trading place.

Narantuul is a bustling outdoor center where you can buy just about from food and counterfeit designer goods to traditional ger furniture at the lowest price. With a population density of three people per two square kilometers, and in the vast, immense capital city an assembled populous bargain hunts at Narantuul Market. Not only can you observe the lives of different profiles and personalities, but bargain your way through the most diverse products and merchandise.


E-mart, the largest discount retailer in the Republic of Korea, opened its first store in Ulaanbaatar on July 28, 2016. E-mart’s new Hypermarkets brought world-class service and high quality products that have met all international health requirements for all citizens of Mongolia. E-mart attributed the results to the good quality and fresh ingredients of Korean products.

Mongolia recently got its second E-mart on the first and second floors of the Solo Mall in western Ulaanbaatar.

The new store sells 12,000 types of goods, with Korean products accounting for 30 to 40 percent. Four out of 10 Korean products at the store are supplied by small and medium enterprises, according to E-mart. After signing a contract in July 2016 with Sky Trading, the local distribution unit of Mongolian retail giant Altai Group, E-mart entered the Mongolian market as a franchise receiving royalties for teaching the know how of running the stores. The first store posted 42 billion won (US$37 million) in sales IN 2016, 140 percent higher than expected. It chalked up 8.4 billion won from sales of Korean products. E-mart attributed the results to the good quality and fresh ingredients of Korean products, because most Mongolian consumers had been unable to buy such products before

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Hunnu mall offers you to try the first indoor ice rink, IMAX 3D theater, go-cart, toyland for kids, brand shops, restaurants, fast food, and coffee shop. It has displays of a Tarbosaurus bataar and a massive long-necked Opisthocoelicaudia. It's located 8km southwest of the city at the Yaarmag area.

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The Shangri-La Mall is located at the heart of Ulaanbaatar, a prime location for a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment. It delivers a relaxed yet world-class shopping experience that will satisfy all your shopping aspirations. On top of that, the mall offers a variety of fine dining establishments as well as a foodcourt with international cuisines. Featuring an IMAX cinema and children’s playground, it is a place where each member of family can enjoy amidst a perfect mix of high-end labels, fast fashion brands and diverse entertainment options all under one roof.

Urgoo Cinema is bringing the best premium motion picture experience of IMAX to Mongolia. The Urgoo Cinema at Shangri-La Centre consists of 5 standard halls and one IMAX screen hall.

IMAX cinema is the complex of high technology, the highest resolution of cameras and the great quality of sound system, the picture is bigger, higher, and wider than your view. The content being shown in an IMAX theatre is significantly better than the content playing at another cinema. IMAX invented a revolutionary film projection system - one that remained the highest quality in the industry for the past 40 years. Greater precision, clarity and perfection of image quality are the qualities that IMAX digital projection systems bring to bear.

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Central Tower is the first Grade A office building in Mongolia. For the first time, your business will be able to access world-class office space offering the highest standards of functionality, flexibility and style.

Located in the city's central business district in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Central Tower is perfectly positioned within easy reach of the reliable support services and resources you need to drive the growth of your business. Created to exceed the expectations of multi-national corporations, Central Tower is designed to the highest international standards as would be expected one of the most prestigious office towers in the world. It is home to luxury brands such as Burberry, Versace, Boss, Armani, Mont Blanc, Pal Zileri and Omega. 

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