Naadam festival

One cannot fully enjoy or know Mongolia without experiencing the Naadam festival which is celebrated at the very least for centuries. The Naadam tradition is truly ancient in its origins, predating, perhaps by millennia, the rise of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khaan) in the early Thirteenth Century. Naadam can be equated to the original Olympic Games of ancient Greece. It is organized every year at the National Sports stadium to celebrate the national independence. The festival is also locally termed Three Manly Games. These games include traditional wrestling, horse racing and archery, although the last two allow the participation of women and children.

The Three Games of Men, which represent the values of original nomadic culture, are a great celebration of statehood. They were inherited over many thousands of years by nomads living inside felt insulated gers on the giant steppe. Naadam brings unity to the state, peace to homes, and unites all Mongolians with expressions of their culture and identity. Although there are many Naadam celebrations all around Mongolia throughout the summer, the most widely celebrated and most full of interesting events is the National Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar. The cheers of tens of thousands of Mongolians makes an amazing impression when the Nine White Banners are brought into Central Stadium, and the Mongolians wearing fashionable, modern national costumes in various colors look so magnificent. 


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