Buuz and bansh: Mongolian dumplings

Dumplings are found on dinner tables throughout Mongolia and these small doughy packages of mutton or beef reveal the connection between this isolated country and their Chinese neighbors to the south. Mongolian dumplings are distinctly different from those found in Chinese Dim Sum since they are made from a typically hardy dough and are often fried. Buuz is the general name for dumplings. The name is used by a wide variety of restaurants throughout Ulaanbaatar in which these boiled or steamed, meat-filled dumplings are served. Bansh is a smaller version of these dumplings. One of the most popular restaurants serving Buuz is Ulaanbaatar’s Khaan Buuz, where both varieties are on offer and are considered a version of Mongolian fast food. (source: https://theculturetrip. com/asia/mongolia). 


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