Mongolian Dishes

The Mongolians have inherited rich traditions and customs with a deep sense of dignity and distinctive contemplation. Mongolian nomads are famous for their hospitality and always warmly welcome their visitors. Every visitors is offered tea, daily products and any other kind of food they have regardless of whether you are new acquaintance or old friend.

The majority of Mongolian traditional cuisine is meat based. This is because meat was and is the perfect source of protein for the Mongolians. Thus it enables them to withstand the cold of harsh weather. The majority of Mongolians are now settled in cities and towns, but meat still makes up the main source of their diet which is high in calories and fat.

The best quality of Mongolian food is that all meat is from grass-fed, free range livestock. Unlike the popular belief, not all cuisine in Mongolia is made of entirely meat. Russian, Chinese and Western influences and vegetables are an integral part of Mongolian food nowadays. Mongolian cuisine is without a doubt, one of the best windows into the glimpse of Mongolia’s culture and traditions. There are many family and kid-friendly restaurants in Ulaanbaatar that offer authentic, traditional dishes. Besides you should try world class cuisine prepared by professional chefs in Ulaanbaatar. 


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